Project #12: Lance Corporal Geoffrey Magoon

Penacook, NH – Building Dreams for Marines (BDFM) completed it’s 12th project for LCPL Geoffrey Magoon (USMC 1975-1979). This project was one of the quickest projects completed by Building Dreams for Marines due to the current health condition of the recipient.

Lance Corporal Magoon suffered a stroke in his own home in April 2016. He fell several times during the stroke and suffered a serious concussion. In addition to recovering from a stroke, he was and continues to be challenged with symptoms from the concussion. He has a sensitivity to light and has been battling frequent headaches. He also experiences difficulty with his short-term memory and his speech. We completed the renovation while he and his wife, Terri were out of town to help alleviate any disturbance to his recovery during construction.

Building Dreams for Marines was contacted by LCPL Magoon’s daughter, Katy who resides in Texas. She flew home to assist in care for her father, and at that time reached out to Building Dreams for Marines for assistance. After the proper paperwork was processed and the project was approved by the BDFM Board of Directors, we quickly teamed up with the fabulous crew of Cobb Hill Construction. Coincidentally, LCPL Magoon is retired from Cobb Hill after working 15 years with the company. The Cobb Hill team rallied and together we provided LCPL Magoon with the much needed modifications. We turned a spare bedroom into a handicap accessible bathroom, we enlarged the casings of the doorway, and we also moved the laundry to the main floor. The project was designed with the help of LCPL Magoon’s occupational therapist who recommended the needed modifications which are needed today and in the future.

LCPL Magoon entered the USMC in 1975. He completed Marine Corps boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina. He was promoted to Private First Class upon graduation from boot camp. From there he went to Camp Lejeune for Marine Corp Engineer School at Courthouse Bay. Upon graduation, he reported to Marine Air Support Squadron-2 in Fatima, Okinawa. He spent six months there and then spent an additional six months at Subic Bay with Marine Air Detachment 1 doing various amphibious landing exercises along with supplying power for ASRT & DASC. After completing 13-months of foreign duty he was transferred to Camp Pendleton, California where he spent his remaining service focusing on amphibious landings. Quoted by his daughter, Katy, “to this day, you will not meet a more proud Marine and Veteran, Semper Fi.”

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