Project #9: Corporal Eric Witherspoon

On December 20, 2015 Building Dreams for Marines & CYR Lumber joined the Witherspoon family to officially “Ribbon Cut” Cpl. Witherspoon’s updated bathroom.  Custom built by the CYR Lumber team to accommodate Cpl. Witherspoon’s current disabilities.

Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, a young Eric Witherspoon wanted to serve his country.  In his Senior year, instead of going to senior prom, the athletic banquet, or walking down the aisle in cap and gown; Eric took on a different wardrobe, he signed up for the uniform of The United States Marine.

After finishing Basic Training and AIT, he rose to rank of Corporal.  He finished High School, while on Active Duty, taking the one course he needed to graduate.  Eric entered the Marine Corps on June 24, 1974 and served until August 11, 1977.  He was part of the Post-Vietnam War Era.  Part of his responsibilities was aiding in the evacuation of the refugee children. Eric also played for the Marine Corps football team.

Although he is a disabled veteran, Eric Witherspoon to this day is truly one of The Few, The Proud, and a Marine.


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